Monday, 4 April 2011

WWE : WrestleMania27/ Cody RhodesWin's/ Cody Rhodes def. Rey Mysterio

ATLANTA — An eye for an eye. It’s the most basic form of punishment man has known, an archaic type of justice that is no longer followed in the civilized world and the phrase that Cody Rhodes repeated to himself as he sought revenge against the person who accidentally disfigured him — Rey Mysterio.

At WrestleMania XXVII, the bitter Superstar would get this vengeance when he met The Master of the 619 in the center of the ring and beat him using the very knee brace that destroyed his face two months prior. Demented and detached, Rhodes sadistically grinned as he stood above his fallen rival, making it very clear to the WWE Universe that things have changed drastically since the days in which he called himself “Dashing.”

Once chosen as the most handsome Superstar by the Divas, the vain egoist underwent a jarring personality change when Rey Mysterio busted his perfect features with his knee brace while performing the 619. Now hating the disfigured freak he saw in the mirror, the second-generation competitor donned a mask to hide his shame and went on a brutal warpath, destroying opponents and viciously attacking Mysterio on multiple occasions.

It was a cruel side of Rhodes that the WWE Universe had never seen before and a dangerous reality that worried The Master of the 619. Did Rey have what it takes to stop this marauding monster? That question was answered at WrestleMania XXVII when the two masked men faced off in a bout that pushed each Superstar to their physical limit.

From the opening bell, the aggressive Rhodes targeted his attack on Mysterio’s tender knee, clinically tearing at the vulnerable tendons and ligaments. It was a sick-style of offense that nearly took away The Ultimate Underdog’s incomparable agility, but the little big man refused to go down. Dressed in a costume inspired by the Marvel Comics character Captain America, Mysterio looked downright heroic as he nearly put Rhodes away by using Cody’s facemask as a weapon. But it was the sadistic SmackDown Superstar who stole the win, striking Rey in the head with his own knee brace for the victory.

An eye for an eye. Just like Rhodes had said.

Now that he’s beaten Rey Mysterio on The Grandest Stage of Them All, will Cody Rhodes bring an end to his sadistic streak? Or has the satisfaction of tonight’s victory only sent him deeper into his own dementia? It all depends on what Rhodes sees the next time he looks in the mirror.

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