Monday, 4 April 2011

WWE : WrestleMania27/ Michael Cole Win's/Michael Cole def. Jerry The King Lawler

ATLANTA - The outrage festering within the Georgia Dome threatened to wash over the stands and engulf Michael Cole. After what appeared to be a rightful victory, Jerry “The King” Lawler was denied by the anonymous Raw General Manager who, instead, rewarded Cole the win due to interference on behalf of special guest referee “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

Lawler, Austin and more than 70,000 fans were infuriated by the decision. After all, Cole’s trainer, Jack Swagger, had interfered in the match early on, snapping an ankle lock on Lawler and allowing Cole to work over his rival before snapping on his own “An-Cole Lock.” Despite the intense pain, Lawler refused to tap out. Through sheer will, the WWE Hall of Famer turned on his back and broke free of the weasel-like announcer. When Lawler finally made it to his feet, Swagger wisely threw in the white towel of surrender on his client’s behalf.

The problem? Guest referee “Stone Cold” Steve Austin rejected the request, and the match carried on. When The All-American American stepped in Austin’s face, he received a Stunner for his troubles. A vulnerable Cole begged for mercy, but was forced to continue. In satisfying fashion, King himself fastened an ankle lock on his rival, who quickly tapped out.

As Lawler and the “WWE Tough Enough” host celebrated, the anonymous Raw GM chimed in with the reversal of fortune. Unfortunately for announcer Josh Mathews, who read the GM’s fateful message, both Lawler and “Stone Cold” were in a mood to punish the messenger, which they did.

Cole may have snatched victory from the jaws of defeat, but it’s unlikely he’s heard the last of it from the jaws of Jerry “The King” Lawler.
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