Monday, 4 April 2011

WWE : WrestleMania27/ The Great Khali won the Over-the-Top-Rope WrestleMania Battle Royal

ATLANTA- Anything can happen in WWE, especially at WrestleMania. This fact was made abundantly clear during the opening contest of The Showcase of the Immortals. What was supposed to be a United States Championship Lumberjack Match between Sheamus and Daniel Bryan became a non-title, Over-the-Top-Rope WrestleMania Battle Royal. When the dust settled and the bedlam subsided, The Great Khali stood tall, claiming his WrestleMania moment.

U.S. Champion Sheamus and Daniel Bryan were initially supposed to have a rematch for the coveted title after The Celtic Warrior defeated Bryan on Raw. With Lumberjacks surrounding the ring, a clear winner would be determined between the ropes. For Bryan, recapturing the U.S. Title would be a highlight of his first WrestleMania appearance.

However, their rematch would not be written in the stars as the Lumberjacks, charged with keeping the battle contained in the ring each wanted to create their own WrestleMania moment. As the action between both competitors spilled to the outside, they started to get physical with the Lumberjacks, starting an all-out brawl. As a result, SmackDown General Manager and Atlanta-native Teddy Long called for a non-title, Over-the-Top-Rope WrestleMania Battle Royal.

Although their match ended in a No Contest, The Celtic Warrior and Daniel Bryan, as well as the Lumberjacks, now had an opportunity for something greater. One of the Superstars involved in the Battle Royal would have an opportunity to create their very own WrestleMania moment, an achievement that is undoubtedly elusive.

It was The Great Khali, using his size and strength to his advantage, who would be the last Superstar remaining in the ring and stand victorious in the Over-the-Top-Rope WrestleMania Battle Royal by eliminating the United States Champion. Although Sheamus was able to leave the Georgia Dome with the United States Title in tact, The Punjabi Playboy ultimately claimed the night’s first moment at The Show of Shows and helped kick-off the biggest WrestleMania in history.

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