Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Have been attempting to avoid posting anything about Brazilian 19 year old International & SANTOS star NEYMAR because there is so much transfer/signing bullshit flying around here in Spain about this player that no one knows what to believe. What we do all know is that "the kid" looks like being the next big World Football star & that Chelsea FC offered 35M€ to get him to England but his Club Santos refused the money sum.

Real Madrid 2011
Neymar Brazilian young star

We also know that FC BARCELONA is said to be interested, especially their  President Sandro Rosell,  but Coach Guardiola isn't so keen due to the players "unsettled head". Said this the Brazilian is in the Barça orbit. However, now there is a new gravitation force attempting to get Neymar closer, that is,  REAL MADRID.

Apparently, this last rumour comes from the allegedly "pirated" sms text message exchanges between Real Madrid General Manager Jose Angel Sanchez & retired Brazilian forward RONALDO, were the former asks the latter to act on behave of Real Madrid with the players agent & Neymar & see if they can get to Madrid for official talks. The "pirated" sms messages have been revealed by Barcelona radio RAC1 ( how odd! )

This all sounds like a "soap opera" & possible sabotage attempts by both Real Madrid & FC Barcelona who habitually attempt to disrupt & foil respective signing attempts. Their rivalry goes beyond the Football field & at times reach unexpected & unbelievable levels.

However, lets see if there are any truths to Neymer = Real Madrid = FC Barcelona rumours:

1. The price put on Neymar is 45M€ by Santos ( coincidence that this is Sergio Aguero´s contract release clause figure from At. Madrid  ). Its a big sum which can break some budgets.

2. The Real Madrid = Sergio Aguero connection is hot & there seems to be some real truth here. Therefore Real Madrid cannot sign Neymar if Aguero is the chosen forward. It could only be true if the Aguero operation falls apart & its not looking so as yet.
3. Regarding FC Barcelona, the Club has only 45M€ to spend & CESC FABREGAS is their main objective which costs around this figure. Barça is also also interested in Alexis Sanchez of Unidense & their budget can only go so far, its finance logic.
4. Both Clubs are worried with the character of young Neymar. Barça Coach Guardiola is not too keen, & Real Madrid do not wish another "Robinho Case".

So, as far as I can see - for now - there are too many negatives to really get excited or contemplate any "truths" to all the rumours & gossip happening in Spain about Neymar & possible signing by either FC Barcelona or Real Madrid.

Said this, anything can happen, & it does in Football. If any thing new with substance does indeed occur I will inform here on Spanish Football Sports!
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