Monday, 6 June 2011


Spanish Football International & Premier League Club Chelsea forward FERNANDO TORRES has had a terrible 2010 – 2011 season. The run of injuries & the mega pressure after becoming the highest transfer in English Football from Liverpool to Chelsea FC put an enormous weight that has lead to a serious goal drought (unexplained), & from it some very harsh criticisms. The lack of goals turns into a “vicious cycle” as no goals leads to psychological blockage & personal doubts that in turn lead to no goals, not to mention the lack of any luck accompanying in your play.

With all this excess baggage Fernando Torres managed to break his goal scoring drought scoring the 4th goal in the USA vs SPAIN (0 – 4 result) International Friendly & in doing so, become the 4th “all-time historical” goal-scorer with for the Spanish National Football Team. Fernando Torres equals Fernando Morientes with 27 goals & is only just two goals behind 3rd placed Fernado Hierro with 29 goals, a mark Torres will surely surpass in the future.

Spanish Football
Spanish Football International Fernando Torres
scores against USA

It was great to see Torres score yesterday as the players face & smile highlighted the release of accumulated tension after returning on the International Football goal sheet after is last goal scored back in September 2010. This should give the player confidence, clear grey doubts & set the player back on course for next season were I am sure we will see plenty of goals by Torres for Chelsea FC & more for the National Football Team.

Spanish Football maximum all-time historical goalscoring table:

1. Villa 46
2. Raúl 44
3. Hierro 29
4. Morientes 27
4. Fernando Torres 27
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