Thursday, 18 August 2011


Last nights Spanish Super Cup Final has given me two startling empirical results from the same unique experiment . Apart from the intense level of play, the Football, the aggressiveness, the tackles, the violence, the unfortunate & inexcusable actions of some on both teams, along with the out of order comments & controversy, what has been branded in my mind is the following outcome test result & this observable image: 
Sporting greatness ( not good,not excellent,  but time transcendent Greatness & beyond ) is beholden on someone when that person takes it upon themselves to be the active protagonist , element, cause & instigator during the big moments,  & during unique transcendental events. Not only does that person contribute - with a pass -,  but defines the result - with goals. The evidence of the existence is experience, & when the above repeats itself on all levels it makes the observation into a fact. FC Barcelona player LIONEL MESSI could well be that example, a Football example, of theory being proven via continuous experiments that give the same viable & steady result which turns it into fact.
Greatness ( same definition as above ) cannot be given if the theory cannot be proven, observed or experienced.  The theory needs to be observed,  but more importantly, needs to stand empirical testing on repeated occasions & experiments to make it a viable & stable truth.  The "test tube" for greatness (Football in this case) are again as already said, the big moments, the all important events that gives the individual the World stage & all the spot lights, to be observed.

The proven & observable big names & stars (Pele, Maradona, Cruyff, Di Stefano...etc) have all taken their opportunity, performed as expected, lead by example, pulled single handedly their own team onto collective,  & thus individual glory. And  here is the point, on repeated & continuous occasions during unique transcendental moments which makes them into an empirical fact.

Real Madrid player CRISTIANO RONALDO does not fit ( for the moment) this particular Football model & theory of greatness. The player ( not the person ) is still a Theory , we are all still waiting to observe events & actions that will turn the theory into experience & thus a fact. For the moment the only analogy I can give the "Cristiano Ronaldo Theory" is "the invisible man". In the unique, special & transcendental Football moments Ronaldo disappears on a regular basis. Thus observable & experienced.

His Manchester United Champions title & Real Madrid Spanish Cup title are flashes of the possible existent & potential of a stable theory that could develop into Greatness. While Lionel Messi is an observable, repeated & stable fact , not theory, of Greatness already in action.
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