Thursday, 2 June 2011

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Thought I give readers today a brief run down of the hot rumours & gossip doing the SPANISH FOOTBALL circles at this moment, & that are taking up pages in the local Spanish Sports papers.  As habitual, the two Football Clubs that take up most of the talk are FC Barcelona & Real Madrid with both full of "juicy back room" talk & exaggerated assertions. However, before we launch into local "transfer talks" allow me to remind you that they are just that, dirty & filthy local gossip :O) 
The hottest rumour in town is that VILLAREAL Italian-American foward ROSSI is very close to shutting a deal with FC BARCELONA. The 18 goals this season in La Liga by the Italian International has won over Barça Coach Guardiola who sees Rossi as a great addition for Barça next season. The rumour is so hot, that some obversers have bravely gone on a limb to say the Rossi has an "agreement" with Barça, & that now Villareal has to put a price & sell. I would not go so far, but I do say that this piece of news has been lingering for weeks & that it gets stronger all the time. Stay tuned!
News that has jump into the Spanish Sports press is the possible interest of FC BARCELONA in AC MILAN Brazilian International defender THIAGO SILVA. With Barça defender Gaby Milito leaving, Carles Puyol now a veteran with knee concerns & Adibal just recovered from cancer surgery, Barça needs a new signing for the defence & Silva Thiago  is the rumoured chosen one. The price is not cheap, around 25M€, & AC Milan will certainly have something to say in all this process.

To end with Barça, Cesc Fabregas keeps sounding for the midfield.

REAL MADRID is the Club that many consider is the next destination of Argentine International & Atletico de Madrid star SERGIO AGUERO, but his 45M€ + signing price means some current Real Madrid players will need to go in order to help finance the operation.

One of those tipped to leave is midfielder LASS DIARRA. Coach Mourinho wishes the Frenchman to stay, but Lass wants a permanent playing spot & with new signings Sahin & Antiltop coming, he sees himself sitting again on the bench next season more than he wishes. Thus, the player is seriously listening to offers from JUVENTUS & MANCHESTER UNITED, the latter being rumoured as a personal preference.

 If Sergio Aguero was indeed to arrive ( not at all certain) to Real Madrid, the Club would have to let go one of its current forwards. Benzema is linked to Arsenal, but the Frenchmen does not wish to move & Adebayor looks like returning back to Manchester City if the latter does not drop the players 17M€ price tag to around 8M€. This leaves GONZALO HIGUAIN who has Italian Club JUVENTUS very interested & may make a "mega offer" to convince Real Madrid & player.

Said this, I doubt Higuain will leave & if I had to bet on a forward leaving the Club, I would bet on Adebayor at this moment. That is, if Sergio Aguero does fulfil the talk of many local media observers who say his next destination is Real Madrid.

Lastly, young Real Madrid midfielder SERGIO CANALES is sounding for Villareal & defender GARAY is sound for Benfica ( to help lower the cost of Benfica defender COENTRAO)
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