Saturday, 4 June 2011


SPANISH SPORTS paper "AS" seem firm with their news piece today; that UDINESE 22 year old Chilean International forward ALEXIS SANCHEZ is very close to signing with FC BARCELONA. The paper even puts a money figure to give some weight to their "scoop", a shivering 27M€ ( their figure ) plus the inclusion of either young Barça player Jeffren or Thiago in the operation with opcion of getting the player back. The fact that representives of the player have been two days in Barcelona  with talks gives "AS" the evidence needed that his may be a shut deal in days.
However what the Sports daily does not mention is that Juventus has made a 20M€ + two players offer & Inter Milan is apparently turning the screws with a juicy offer & exploiting their magnificent relations with Udinese. The player may be "crazy" to wish to go to Barça ( who would not ) & may be shutting personally a deal with FC Barcelona, but Udinese has the last word & this could be a tough & long winding road.

Therefore, I wouldn't be so adamant as "AS",  as yet. FC Barcelona has not a healthy "bank balance" & with talks of players like Alexis (27M€) + Cesc (40M€) + Rossi (30€), the question arises where is the money? Plus, just to finish with some food for thought, if Alexis Sanchez does sign this would rule out Rossi? Aguero?
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