Monday, 6 June 2011


SPANISH SPORTS received another glorious historical moment this afternoon thanks to an extraordinary Spanish Sportsman. Spaniard & World Nº1 Tennis player RAFAEL NADAL won his 6th FRENCH OPEN title after defeating ROGER FEDERER 7-5, 7-6,5-7,6-1 in the 2011 Final in Paris France. The 25 year old Rafael Nadal equals the record feat of Bjorn Borg with six French Open titles,  & no one doubts that the Spaniard canfor nada surpass this record mark in the future.
The road to the title has been difficult & hard worked for Nadal who came into this tournament with 4 straight Final defeats in the previous tournaments to rival Serb Novak Djokovic, in less than optimum form & with psychological doubts with his play. The response to all this has been an extraordinary effort to surpass himself in all aspects that once again highlights that we all are witnesses to a great Champion.
The game started totally in Federer favour with an aggressive start that caught Nadal cold, off guard & in doubts. The perseverance of the Spaniard allowed the him to came back from  a 2 - 5 situation to take the first set 7 - 5. This was a key moment of the match & a psychological blow that Federer did not fully recover from totally although the Master came back in waves to show us some grand Tennis. The 3rd set was perhaps the Swiss best moment making a remarkable comeback from 2 - 4 to take the set 5 - 7. However, Rafael Nadal regained composure & kept his mind on the work still ahead to calm his nerves to breeze through the 4th s& winning set to become a French Open Tennis legend with his 6th title.

I have run out of words to describe both these gallant Sportsmen & Tennis players, but I choke to find more superlatives to add for Rafael Nadal. Without any doubt at all, Rafael Nadal is Spains greatest Sportsman in its History , & the man has only 25 years of age with more titles to win before he calls an end to his Tennis career.

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