Thursday, 19 May 2011

Top 10 Best Sports In Summer

10. Volley ball

The beach presents a spectacular scene in summer season and is packed like sardines with people. Let us rush to the beach guys and grab a volley ball. Take your friends along with you and set up a place at the beach to play volley ball. I say that if you don’t play volley ball in summers then you have definitely pauperized your summer time. It can be a boys versus girls game or you can team up randomly.

9. Dragon boat racing

This sport originated in China but has gained popularity in North America as well. Dragon boat is actually a long boat which can house around 20 paddlers in it. Among the 20 paddlers there one is called tiller and the other one is caller. It is time to exert some real force and paddle the boat to the finishing line.

8. Swimming

Swimming is one of a great activity to do in summer. Get a membership of a well-reputed club which has got a good swimming pool. Keep one thing in mind that the water should be cool enough so that you can let off all the heat you have gathered throughout the day. It is equally beneficial for both adults and children.

7. Scuba Diving

It is actually a form of underwater diving in which a diver uses a scuba set to breathe underwater. The diver does not place any reliance on any kind of external source of air supply as he has got one of his own with him. There are many kinds of diving but most of the people start with the recreational diving and enjoy to the hilt.

6. Water Skiing

In summer you just need excuses to get into water and for as long as you can. How about following a fast-moving boat?. Yes, definitely you cannot do it through just swimming but water skiing is just the suitable tool to do so. In, this you are being pulled by a boat and you go all the way skimming on the water.

5. Surfing

This is a sport for the thrill lovers and adventurous people out there. In this you have to come all the way towards the shore but riding your board on the crest of the waves. However, due care must be taken as surfing also poses numerous threats to the surfer like drowning, collisions with any rock and the danger of the marine life as sharks and jellyfish etc.

4. Water Polo

It is a team-game consisting of 6 field players and one goalkeeper. Here the field is a swimming pool and each of the two teams has to score as many goals as possible. One who scores the most goals is the winner of the game. It is great way to get rid of heat and also a magnificent source of enjoyment.

3. Canoeing

It is a wonderful outdoor activity which employs the use of great force of arms of an individual. This can be done solely or by forming a team. Being a beginner, you will sometimes find yourself upside down into the water so it is necessary that you have got a hang of swimming previously.

2. Windsurfing

It is a mixture of sailing and surfing. In this, you are on a board usually 2-3 meters long which is powered by wind. The windsurfing boards can be categorizes into various sections but the one which is relevant to you is the Freeride board. It is used primarily for recreational purposes.

1. Sailing

It is all about milking the wind and getting the most out of it. You control a boat with the help of foils called sails and by changing the rudder, rigging and keel you consequently change the direction of the whole boat. While changing the direction, you have to keep into account the wind factor.
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