Tuesday, 24 May 2011


The main talk today in SPANISH FOOTBALL is the unilateral communicaction via his "twitter" & personal blog, that ATLETICO DE MADRID Argentine forward SERGIO AGUERO wishes to leave the Club. In a message to everyone,  the player dropped the "bomb" around 22.00 saying "...Time has come for me to part". This should not really catch anyone by surprise as it has been written on the transfers wall for months. In fact, Aguero renewed his contract with Atletico last year with a pact lowering his contract release clause from 60 to 45M€ & that he would be allowed to leave at the end of the season.
The Atletico de Madrid Directives, especially the Director General Gil Marin ( the real owner with 80% of shares) & Club President Enrique Cerezo ( 20% shares) are claiming publicly that the player is not on sale & that if any team wishes to take him away that they pay his release clause of 45M€ plus VAT of 18%. It is "vox populi" that both Gil Marin & Cerezo do not communicate with each other & this is tearing up the Club, but both are jointly saying that Aguero will not go, under any circumstances, to REAL MADRID.

An obvious message as the fan base is on the verge of a total revolution as they see the team disintegrate. Coach Quique Sanchez Flores leaves along with Diego Forlan, plus it looks like the Club hero Aguero cannot be stopped either, plus to added to the fire, reports place goalkeeper De Gea in Manchester United. The Atletico de Madrid Directives have hardly been known to say the "truth" & have to figure out how to come across to the fans as the "good guys" in all this crisis.

In reference to SERGIO AGUERO, the news is mixed & not clear to which Club he will end up at next season. There are three clear names & all three in Champions League next season: MANCHESTER CITY, CHELSEA FC & REAL MADRID CF. The first has gained strenght in these last days, especially if Real Madrid does not wish to pay the full release clause with VAT included & also wished to avoid a "war" with its neighbour. Atletico insists that Aguero will go anywhere ( if agreed) expect to the local "enemy".

Said this, there are still reports, gossip & rumours surfacing daily that REAL MADRID is the final destination & has been for months.

Stay tuned for developments, as the only thing that is certain is that the Atletico de Madrid insignia will not continue next year after 5 glorious years at the Club.

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