Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Mike Danton Murderer?The Blues Lagoon Mike Danton

In 2004, Mike Danton, a former St. Louis Blues player, enlisted the help of a 19-year-old girl to hire a hit man, who was actually a police dispatcher. The FBI was quickly alerted and Danton was convicted of plotting to commit murder, with the exact target still unknown. The details were muddy and the suspected motives were varied. Some believed Danton was trying to remove a gay lover threatening to out him, while others claimed he was attempting to end a miserable relationship with his svengali-like, mind-controlling agent, David Frost. People close to the situation came forward and disclosed how Frost manipulated Danton to the point where he became his hand puppet, even forcing Danton to sever his relationship with his parents. Given these strange details, the common hypothesis was that Frost was the target.

What makes it stranger: Frost's influence over Danton was frequently discussed but remained indistinct until the transcript of a prison telephone call was revealed to the public after Danton's arrest. At the end of the phone call, Frost asked Danton, "Do you love me?" and pressed him to reinforce his positive response twice.
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