Thursday, 7 April 2011

Latest Cricket News/Yuvraj Dating Ameesha ?/yuraj Dting ameesha Patel.....

The Cricket World Cup has brought the entire nation together and also helped in brining Yuvraj and Amisha together. Both Yuvraj and Amisha are surprising everyone with their increasing bonding of late. This has become very much obvious when the Ameesha confirmed the news that Yuvraj had given her VVIP tickets for the World Cup finals between India and Sri Lanka.

Ameesha was Yuvi's special guest at the mega final that happened at the Wankhede Stadium and it was not at all astonishing to see the lady enjoying the match at the specially kept ICC Hospitality Box.

Acknowledging about her special ticket, Ameesha said, "Yuvi is a good friend and he invited me. Yuvi bowled, fielded and batted superbly on Saturday".

There were many people who were stunned to see Ameesha at the World Cup finals for her close link up with Yuvraj and she did not pause a bit before rooting for Yuvraj during the finals. "People kept asking me to quiet down as I was the most boisterous. I kept shouting for Yuvi to play stably," further added the actress.

Yuvraj has been a great performer during the recent stint apart from being an important player in the remarkable World Cup. However, when he was quizzed about his nuptial plans he swiftly dodged the question by saying he is yet to find his dream woman.

"I am relishing the moment. Why are you hell-bent to take away all the happiness? But honestly, I am waiting for the right girl. I am not able to find her," stated the sporting hero.
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