Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Shahid Afridis words for The Semi Final2 Against India

Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi said his team is not under pressure against India in the high-voltage World Cup semi-final slated for Wednesday.s

“Young team. Average age is less. This is a match which will increase the average age,” Afridi said.

“The boys are really doing a great job, especially the youngsters. They are ready for this game,” he said.

“We really worked hard at the practice session and took everything very seriously and made sure the boys are enjoying. We are playing as a unit and I am very happy as a captain.”

“We are not the most favourite team for this competition. I think India is the most favourite team. I think we played above our expectations in this competition,” he said.

“It’s a big occasion for us that we are playing in India. We always dream of coming to India and playing here,” Afridi said.

“The people here want to see us play and our people want to see them playing.

“It’s a great sign for both countries. I think cricket always brings these two countries together.”

“I say and do some emotional things to motivate my boys. We are an emotional country, in fact, both these nations are emotional. I don’t think I have any credit in taking this team till here or they being so united,” he said.

“When the team does well it is because of the 15 players in it and it is only then that it plays as a team or a unit.”
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